Our Belief:

Impact is CREATED.  It doesn't ‘just happen’...

Learning is a natural, inquisitive state, in which everyone naturally engages from the moment they are born. It is inbuilt and instinctual.

Unfortunately, workplace learning is not always designed to tap into this natural inquisitiveness, but rather it is seen as time-consuming, compliance-driven and a ‘tick and flick’, legal process.  This can be boring and non-productive. Real behavioural change can run a poor second to administrative concerns and just ‘ticking the box’.

When a learning program is designed with the Brain in mind, it is easy to stimulate this natural inquisitive state, even with the most mundane of topics .

About Laurie and the Team at Laurie Kelly Training:

Laurie speaks both nationally and internationally on current knowledge of how the learning brain works to maximize the impact of training, and to create an openness factor in our approach to change and new learning.

With over 30 years experience, he has a reputation for having an uncanny ability to communicate on a level that everyone can appreciate and is passionate about the importance of the information he shares. Laurie's experience in improving trainers' skills in engagement is vast - he is one of the most sought after presenters in his field.

He preaches and practices the principles of Brain friendly Training in all his work, so expect the talk to be walked. Have fun and enjoy the experience.

As the founder and director of Mindworks Australasia in the 80’s, Laurie worked tirelessly to encourage educators about the power they have to fire up learner’s excitement in the Learning process. He has now been engaged by Brain Friendly Training Pty Ltd to deliver this training on-line, whilst still delivering face to face and conference work.

Laurie works with a wonderful team of business support folks and fellow consultants who are also passionate that training must excite, engage and empower.

Laurie Kelly

Prior to teaching he worked with street and unemployed youth in the Fortitude Valley area of Brisbane. That was where his passion for education began .

From 1980 to 1983 as an Education consultant he oversaw the setting up of dozens of ‘School to Work’ Transition Programs in High schools throughout Queensland for ‘at risk’ kids.

His work also involved the pioneering of Career Education Programs and School/ TAFE linked courses, which were the pre-runner to the current VET pathways in our schools. After four years in this consultancy role he returned to the classroom and set up his own program for school-weary students, with tremendous success. This culmination of experiences set him on a journey to understand how people learn and how teaching must engage the learner.

After several years in schools, he moved into presenting in the corporate world where he has concentrated on sharing ideas and methods to make learning ‘stick’. He has been very prominent and in high demand in the VET sector and presents all over Australia and internationally, in private RTOs, TAFEs, government departments and all areas of training. These include working with educators at Energex, Emergency Services, The Defence Force, Allied Health professionals, nursing groups, consulting doctors at major hospitals, engineering and accounting firms, Salvation Army and many, many others.

All teachers can embed his simple and effective ideas, many based on his intimate understanding of NLP, to make learning more effective. His presentations are engaging, collaborative, hilarious and achievable. Educators do not have to change what they are doing, but simply embed or add his ideas to their daily repertoire.


Laurie has worked with both Eric Frangenheim & Sue Ellen Kusher over many years at various workshops and conferences for his clients, to add value to his training and avail organizations of the wealth of experience on offer from the collaborative efforts of three experts in their fields and at the cutting edge of brain friendly training techniques.

Eric Frangenheim

BA (Hons), UED., B.Ed.

Eric Frangenheim is one of Australia’s leading educational consultants and authors. His focus is to equip teachers, trainers and facilitators with the skills and strategies to create thinking and engaging learning environments. Eric’s dynamic presenting style, combined with his extensive experience and passion for pedagogical thinking and learning strategies, makes him one of the most sought-after presenters in schools and education organisations, as well as in the corporate world.

Since December 1995, Eric has been an independent education consultant and is the director of Rodin Educational Consultancy. He has presented several thousand workshops on thinking skills and better learner engagement for schools and corporate training institutions all over Australia and New Zealand. Eric has also presented in PNG, The Republic of Nauru, Singapore, Abu Dhabi, the USA, South Africa, Indonesia and India.

His passion for great thinking is accompanied by a specific set of tools that educators and managers can use to really extend all participants to gain concrete results from their combined wisdom. Eric’s facilitation tools are brilliant in the learning environment and for meetings and strategic team planning.

He is a prolific writer with his Thinking Skills book selling now in its 11th Edition and selling over 35,000 copies. Cartoon Conversations and Thinking Tools Templates (both e-books) are aimed at promoting the use of thinking and learning strategies in the education environment, the workplace and in the corporate world. He has several other e-book resources for educators, coaches and parents at

Sue-Ellen Kusher

Impressions are everything. In business they elicit responses, set expectations, direct and misdirect decisions and account for part of every interaction we have.  They hold weight and they require our attention before, during, and after every part of our day. It’s easy to inadvertently think that we only make an impression when we set out to, when in fact we make an impression whether we try to or not.

Behavioural impact happens all the time and in business your identity is built by what you do and not so much by what you say!

To be more purposeful in any pursuit, you have to engage your consciousness and then add some specific tactics to create the impact you want.

Since 1995 Sue-Ellen has been helping people find ways of accessing, learning, testing and perfecting techniques that work for them. She specializes in environments requiring complex communication - presentation, conflict, motivation, performance management and especially Leadership. As a learning facilitator and a Master Practitioner of NLP (the study of behavioural excellence) her skill set is aided by her accreditation in assessment and development tools focused on Emotional Intelligence, Transactional Analysis, Personality Profiling, and Mediation.

More recently the digital environment has been an additional area of focus developing unique and timely learning methods.

With a strong customer service history, Sue-Ellen has owned retail businesses, been an award-winning marketing manager (for four consecutive years), an actor, a successful and nationally dominant sales professional, a state and national performance winner, a learning exporter and a profitable business consultant who offers a wealth of experience and practical know-how for her clients.