Information Overload

A Brainy approach

Ever fear, that with the flood of information you are being asked to process, you might not be able to calmly “stay on top things?”

By understanding more about the  Neuroscience of your brain you can use simple things that will work for you. So you:

  • Don’t get inundated with information
  • Stay on top on policies, reviews, reports and agenda papers
  • Are able to make quick decisions and replies
  • Juggle numerous clients and respond to them
  • Handle conflict situations from competing interest groups
  • Deal with various government departments, agencies and lobby groups
  • Can deliver articulate, well thought-out responses on various topics to various
  • Meet people and remember their names and interests

In this workshop we will look at some traditional time management techniques and also at ways you can set up your brain so it can seamlessly move from one activity to the next yet able to recall and activate information when needed. A technique employed by elite athletes to put themselves in peak performance mode.

It will not be a theory session but one to push your thinking and your practice.