Do you ever fear that with the flood of information you are being asked to process, you might not be able to calmly stay on top things?  Are you:

  • Inundated with information
  • Expected to be on top on policies, reviews, reports and agenda papers
  • Asked to make quick decisions and replies
  • Expected to deal with numerous clients and respond to them
  • Handle conflict situations from competing interest groups
  • Deal with various government departments, agencies and lobby groups
  • Attend endless meetings
  • Deliver articulate, well thought-out responses on various topics to various groups - often all within the same day
  • Meet people and remember their names and interests
  • Trying to keep abreast of financial viability

Being able to understand your brain and utilize its enormous capacity to cope via a series of strategies, skills and techniques will help you cut through the daily onslaught of information.

We need to really get our Brains working for us. Understanding some of the brain physiology is the key…. implementing simple things that fit our personalities is the answer.

Those who have experienced Laurie’s work before will understand that this will be a very practical and skills-based session so that you will leave with not only an understanding of the focused brain, but skills to work with it and have it work with you.

Key Points:

  • Chemicals of the brain affect our ability to think clearly
  • We have some control over these chemicals
  • Our Brain needs road maps to focus on key themes and targets
  • We can directly affect the processing capacity of our Brain by the messages we give it
  • Sometimes computers need to be turned off to reboot. So too our brains can function so much better with down time
  • There are simple skills and practices we can learn to clear and focus our brains so they in shape to handle the tasks required