Transform your training delivery – and the outcomes you achieve – with our brain friendly approach!

Laurie Kelly has been enlightening the training world about brain friendly training techniques for over 30 years. His face to face, (both in-house and publically run), workshops have been integral in spreading the necessary message of learner engagement through fun and change-of-state activities when delivering training content.

Face to face delivery is the most transformative method of training, there is no doubt, but the online learning world is growing exponentially and Laurie has now evolved his popular 2 day TRAINERS INTENSIVE workshop into an online series, available to all, to learn at their own pace and in their own time.

This 48 lesson (and growing) series is now available via subscription to an online platform; or via outright purchase, for both Individual trainers and RTO’s worldwide. This is a lifetime’s worth of knowledge, and training tips, tricks and techniques, all together in one learning platform!

Main Takeaways:
  • Gain access to Laurie Kelly’s Brain Friendly Training videos
  • 43 Exclusive, Short Video Clips from Australia’s renown training guru
  • “Inspiration and Ideas” Learning Activities accompany each video, ready to use straight away
  • Dramatically improve trainer skills, and staff engagement
  • Receive a PD certificate after finishing each module
Brain Friendly Trainer and Teacher Mastery Program Modules Included:
  • Module 1: Understanding Different Learners
  • Module 2: Learner Engagement
  • Module 3: Developing Successful Learners
  • Module 4: Exciting Learning Environments
  • Module 5: Managing the Training Environment
What Will You Learn:
  • Critical techniques needed in every situation
  • How to create powerful lesson overviews
  • How to teach using all the senses to maximise learning
  • How to deliver the lessons that engages all of your learners’ brain
  • Range of strategies and activities to keep students awake
  • How to unlock the potential of the students’ minds throughout every lesson
  • How to use sound, word, visuals, and movement to ensure your students are engaged
  • How to keep your learners engaged and attentive throughout your lesson
  • Powerful ways to spark your learners’ curiosity
  • How to design and deliver lessons that feel personally real, relevant, and useful
  • How to maximise students’ learning of skills and knowledge
  • Techniques to improve the learning environment and teaching methods
  • How to schedule revisions
  • Most common strategies for every educators
  • How to execute your learning environment
  • How to improve your classroom management and presentation skills
Why Go Online:
  • If you want to offer quality PD to your staff but logistical costs make it difficult to bring them all together for face to face training – RTO’s and individual trainers can find it hard to travel and get the time to attend our public PD programs, or to gather all their dispersed staff together in one venue for In-house training.
  • You would like the convenience of learning innovative and engaging training delivery skills at your own pace, in your own time
  • If you are keen to finally experience Laurie Kelly’s hugely popular Face to Face training content that you might not have had access to before at a workshop

Laurie wanted to ensure that anything he put out in the market place truly reflected the principles on relevance and engagement that he preaches. He believes his online product does EXACTLY that and is proud to now share it with you. 

Our Aim:

We want these videos to be excellent and practical Professional Development resources for Individual trainers and educators; and to act as a library of resources for RTOs and Organisations who want their designers and educators to give learners an exceptional learning experience. These videos aim to engage the brain of the learner, so learning is quick, enjoyable and successfully sustainable.

Content is vital but any content is best understood and mastered, if it is delivered with the learners’ brains in mind.

How these videos are presented for purchase:


This Brain Friendly Trainer and Teacher Mastery Program: 12 Months Mastery  course can be

(a) subscribed to as a full program (instant access to the full library), OR
(b) as 48 practical weekly released 5-10 minute videos to enhance your classroom delivery skills.

RTO Organisations:

We are offering access to this online PD via:

(a) individual staff subscription to our LMS in a weekly release of 48 practical 5-10 minute videos format complete with Certificates of Completion available monthly along with an overview and record for RTO Managers of their trainers’ progress; OR
(b) RTO organisations can purchase a one-off Licence to place all these Videos on their own LMS (Certificates of Completion not available with outright purchase).

ONLINE TRANING – A new environment for transformative learning