Available as an In-house Face to Face workshop

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Training / Facilitating / Educating / Managing  – fun-filled & process-packed!

This is our renowned flagship ‘Train the Trainer’ program. It is a 1 or 2-day workshop with a focus on brain friendly delivery skills across all content areas. Its aim is to skill trainers in how to design and deliver programs that excite learners and anchor the learning …

OUR FOCUS: to make you ‘even better’

Our goal is to train trainers and educators, through top-quality Professional Development, to be the very best professionals that they can be in delivering excellent training experiences to their learners.

WHAT WE DO: (walking the talk)

We are in the business of Training Trainers and Educators in practical, engaging delivery skills that Excites and Enthuses Learners. It does not matter what your content is, our proven techniques assist you in making a huge difference in the delivery process – and making that Learning anchor in – immediately, thoroughly and for the long term!!

It is vital today that you employ current research on how the Brain learns best, and plan your delivery to:

  • Engage & Motivate the Learner
  • Maximize both the ‘learning’ and the ‘transfer’, whether you are interacting with your learners in a face-to-face mode, on line or through a blended delivery process.

This is what our flag ship workshop the ‘Trainers Intensive‘ is all about.