How Teams and Individuals can Flex their Mental Muscles for Business & Personal Success …

As we move into the 21st Century we are heading towards a time of even greater change. Change, we are told, that will totally alter the old ways we have done things.

Personal change can be desired, or it can be thrust upon us. The willingness and ability to change can often daunt us – yet it can also offer exciting opportunities.

What is required is a mental shift. A shift in thinking that will allow us to take advantage of the change and see it as an opportunity to get balance back into our lives and enjoy living with all the abundance that success brings.

Expected Outcomes

Participants will leave the workshop:

  • Excited about their possibility thinking – focusing on the opportunities rather than the obstacles
  • Knowing about whole-brain thinking and half-witted behaviours
  • Accomplished in ways to access the Alpha level of thinking, as well as working smarter not harder
  • Alert to their thinking patterns and the ways that they could be ‘sabotaging their success’
  • Focusing on their Vision and Visualizing for Success – ‘Sports Psychology’ in a daily context
  • Understanding that the different personality types in the team can enrich and enhance the team’s overall performance
  • Skilled to handle the stress of workloads, client expectations, family commitments, friends etc….

Programme for this Professional Development Day

Session 1: Working Smarter - Yes – you can teach an old dog new tricks!

Session 2: The Alpha Levels of the Brain - Yes – you can feed a tired brain – some “working smarter” tricks!

Session 3: Possibility Thinking - Yes – you can go beyond what you think is possible!

Session 4: The Balance - Yes – you can juggle lots of balls – it’s called living!

Session 5: Vision & Visualization - Yes – you can set yourself up for success!