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Laurie Kelly and the team at Brain Friendly Training work with corporate and individual clients to improve professional and personal skills.

Understanding how the brain works and how this impacts on behaviours and relationships is paramount for success, both professionally & personally.  We can influence so much by what we think, say and feel, as well as our STATE or our attitude, our focus and our physical and mental behaviour patterns.


Laurie Kelly is renowned for his Trainer Skills Intensives, and other powerful workshops for Trainers and Educators. Brain Friendly programs up-skill you in highly effective and engaging delivery to make your content ‘come alive’. Skilling you in ‘how to train’ for the very best results.

We guide you with proven techniques in making your content come alive, thereby capturing learner enthusiasm. Learners then become self-motivated, take ownership over their learning method, and wanting to confidently use the material in their personal and professional lives.


Whilst we still love delivering inhouse programs to Training teams we also specialise in Video delivery where we offer a Master Journey of over 50 short 5-10 minute video clips in which individuals can enrol. They are also available to RTOs and Organisations for their teams. With the LMS option, all participation can be monitored and certificates of completion offered to store for currency purposes.

Turbo-charge your trainers, improve transfer of learning back to the workplace, and increase the credibility of learning and development in your organisation. These high-energy, memorable ‘train the trainer’ videos will add real and immediate value to your organisations quest for student retention AND your word of mouth marketing, by drawing on brain friendly training methodology. Transform your trainers’ training – and the outcomes you achieve with our brain friendly approach.


Laurie can assist teams to work together more effectively by setting goals, using possibility thinking through thinking strategies and ‘out of the box’ techniques, whilst developing supportive relationships through understanding individual differences, celebrating unique skills and clear communication. A well balanced workplace has got to be a place of fun and achievement.


This is a service that we have offered my clients since 1987. What we teach you in our training, we want to have stick and to be useful in your particular situation. Therefore we put time aside every week to answer questions, and speak with past participants, about ways that they might customise what they have learned to their own situation. There is also a Facebook community who share ideas and insights with the BFT Team.

We also offer one-on-one coaching and consultations. This one-on-one work with individuals is to help them break through old thinking blocks that are limiting them from moving forward at the pace they would like. In this coaching we use a combination of NLP, Accelerated learning, Kinesiology and Counselling.


We need to understand the ‘how’ of how our brains work when it comes to learning, and most particularly, what will work for ‘you’. Learning, even formal Learning, can be fun when we know the systems and how to play the game.

Laurie Kelly can show you brain-friendly ways to absorb, assimilate and retain knowledge quickly and efficiently – and maintain that knowledge long-term.

Laurie works with individual students studying at school, tertiary and in the workplace. He especially loves to show student the ‘tricks of the trade’ when having to attend lectures or online, writing assignments and studying for exams. With Accelerated Learning techniques, and an understanding of what works for ‘you’ and your brain, learning can be really fun and surprisingly easy.


For a Conference to be successful and talked about with passion, it must have challenges and solutions that can be directly transferred back into our daily lives and businesses.

For this to happen, delegates have got to feel safe and be willing to challenge themselves

They need the ‘yeast’ added to help them to rise above their present horizons and see the links and opportunities being offered in the Conference Addresses and Workshops they attend.

You need to whet their appetites and have them ready to savour the possibilities your conference offers for their own business and professional career development.

Laurie Kelly can offer conferences essential ingredients though the role of M.C., Keynote addresses and breakout Workshops. Again, in fine Laurie Kelly style, expect audience interaction, fun, involvement and growth using brain-friendly learning processes.

If you want your Conference and your Training days to be memorable and to have impact; to be practical, challenging and relevant, and most importantly, enjoyable, then ask about the range of Conference address and workshop options on offer.

Laurie can get your delegates at your next Conference open to ideas and focusing on new possibilities. He can get them to rise above their present horizons, embrace change and look forward to a more productive future. Laurie can do all this by either opening your conference, or doing the dreaded ‘after lunch’ spot and getting delegates back on track after the break and ready to work


We are currently developing a webinar & video conferencing service for RTOs that may want to have Laurie as a guest speaker at staff meetings or staff In-service as a virtual guest. This is especially the case where it is difficult to have all staff in one physical location at once.

Should any RTO with dispersed training teams like to discuss this possibility with us, please contact Laurie for a discussion and quote - and we will make it happen for you!

This could be especially useful for those who have worked with Laurie before or who have purchased his Video set as a teaching resource.


Occasionally I am asked to write an article or training tip for various organisations, so I have gathered them here as a library of topics & ideas for engagement activities and wellness tips, for both professional and personal development. Please read and enjoy ! I envisage expanding upon these in the future, as time and opportunity permits.