Something to help outside of business hours, when the working day is done …

A busy brain needs to switch off so it can dial down into sleep.

A busy brain will churn if it has data to process and prevent you from winding down.

A busy brain needs you to EMPTY it first, before you attempt any night-time rest ... so, get into the habit of doing a SLUMBER DUMP.

Keep a journal/notebook handy – either by your bed, or somewhere close that you visit every night before retiring where you will see it, and it will prompt you to use it. I keep mine on my bedside table, with a handy pen.

Use it to store the information you need the next day, so that your brain can sigh with relief and STOP trying to deal with all your data and reminders and just, simply, relax.

Need to remember something first thing in the morning? Jot it down.

Need to pick up the dry-cleaning before work? Jot it down.

Had an amazing idea for an editorial? Jot it down.

Got an urgent 'must do' the next day? Jot it down, or your brain will keep waking you up so you don't forget...and consequently you won't sleep well either. Clear everything. Your brain is for thinking, not storage of To Do Lists. Give it a rest, empty it out, and then make your lists from this 'Slumber-Dump' in the morning. It’s a great way to get you into the practice of planning each day’s activities and tasks to be more effective with your time. And your stress levels and general well-being will thank you!