A. ‘Trainer skills intensive’ program - online

Whilst face-to-face programs and travel are limited for the foreseeable future, I will also be delivering my well established Trainers Skills Intensive’  workshop as an online experience, both for in-house groups and also publicly, via 8 x 45 minute webinars once per month, under these titles:

‘Engaging the Learner with Dynamic Delivery’ Webinar topics:

1. Delivering content in a Brain Friendly way in any training environment – the benefits of using the Brain Friendly Training techniques to get your message across and your learners learning.

2.Guiding the Learner’s Mental and Attitudinal States to achieve the best learning outcome possible.

3. Establishing Early Engagement – hook them, captivate them, keep them.

4. Designing workshops that are Real and Relevant with lots of WIIFM’s and takeaways.

5. Catering for the Uniqueness of Learners and how to activate the senses for maximum recall and long term retention of content.

6. Ensuring students ‘experience’ the Learning, not just ‘hear’ content.

7. Building Retention of Content with a 6 step approach.

8. Managing the Training Environment – changing a ‘tool’ into a valuable ‘asset’ to your training.

B. Inhouse training Options

Recently I have worked exclusively with an Organisation to run multiple weekly Webinar workshops for their staff in training skills, and also with these additional topics which have proved to be extremely popular.  These are also available for you, via online delivery:

  • a. Managing your Day in a Timely Way.
  • b. Making the Home Workspace Work for You.
  • c. De-stressing the Brain in a Mindful Way (that increases the bottom line for all).
  • d. Enhancing Your Memory - Jedi Memory Skills.
  • e. Adult Learning Skills.
for MORE sessions coming soon … stay tuned !

The transfer of ‘learning’ to ‘application’ from these webinars is immediate and makes it so simple and inspiring for any trainer.  I believe they would be of outstanding value for any team - they are short, sharp, and practical.  Rekindling a trainer’s love for their role is exciting to witness, and these webinars offer this professional development in so many areas.

Continue your Learning Journey … Online …